A question for you...

I had a thought recently and thought I would share it.

Are you tidy? Are you untidy?

Well I am most definitely untidy and I am totally fine with it. Why? I think it's because I have realised it doesn't really matter in my life. I am happy with how I am. I live with a virgo, who is ultra tidy and we are opposites in many ways. He is tidy. I am not. So who is right? Neither of us.

I grew up in a very, very, very tidy house and we hoovered twice a day, dusted one day and polished the next. Brushed the carpet on the stairs as apparently that was the best way. Had to hoover without leaving lines on the floor, flattened out the tassles on the rugs, plumped up cushions and tried not to flatten them again, so didn't use them. I am guessing that turned me off housework for life. I left home at 17 and moved into a house with a family who were untidy and it was a massive shock to me that people lived this way but they were the happiest family and I absolutely loved living there. I learned so much from my three years with them and they were some of the happiest of my teenage years. I remember taking a day off work and I spent it cleaning the kitchen. It was gleaming and when everyone came back home they thought it was great, but within days it was back to how they naturally lived. I didn't tidy it again and I think that was the week I changed from tidy to untidy.

It made me think, which is the best or right way to be? Is tidy the right way? I would say no, because that is not natural to me. My other half would say tidy is the right way because it's natural to him. I am ultra tidy at work though, because I like to know where everything is. Neither is right really, is it?

There is nothing I love more than an evening to myself when I can just leave the kitchen until later and not do it as soon as I have eaten. It feels sooooooo good.

I also have cleaning and tidying down to a t because I can tidy quicker than anyone, but only if I have to. There are better things to do with my time and with a tidy partner I am very lucky,

Have a great week!

Gillian xoxo