Watch the birdy

Good morning on a very sunny June day.

I was up very early today having heard the birds singing and the sun shining through my window. I think it was 04:35. I came downstairs, made a coffee and went into the garden to sit in the early morning sunshine and enjoy the peace before the rest of my street woke up. I must do this more often!

When I was younger I always wondered why people fed the birds. It's strange really. because I have always loved animals and nature but this had never appealed to me, a bit like gardening. I used to watch and hated it on a Sunday morning as it was always plants, garden lights and bird food etc Now......well, it's my favourite show :)

What has changed? I am older and appreciate all that is natural in this world. The last few years have taught me this even more too. When we were in the middle of lockdowns and nothing was open apart from supermarkets, I just enjoyed time at home, walking in nature and taking time to look around me. I would go out without my phone too, so liberating. I did do this before but not as much as I do now. It could also be age too and having more time as I no longer do the 9-5.

As I sit watching the various birds in my garden it gives me so much pleasure. I have always had the wood pigeons, much to my other half's annoyance as they poo on his car, but now I have many, many more coming to use the feeders. During this time many have their young in the nests in the trees at the end of my garden and it's beautiful to watch the parents come for the seeds and take them off to their young. Isn't nature beautiful?

I was buying any old fat balls until started selling the ones from The Grumpy Gardener. Wow, they look so much tastier than the ones I was getting and when I ran out and bought the drier looking variety they didn't get eaten. I guess birds are fussy like we are. I bought some more from TGG and mixed them in with the others and you can guess what happened.

I hope you enjoy your garden and all it brings this summer. Try and get outside early morning to see all that comes through it, bees, butterflies, blue tits, great tits, robins (my favourite), magpies, jays, crows, jackdaws,,,,wow what a great variety.

As you will see my logo has a 'little bird' on it and that has a very special meaning to me. I will tell you about it one day as I am not quite ready to share the story.

Love and blessings to you all.

Gillian xoxox