Hi everyone

I cannot believe it is almost a month since I last wrote something....but there is a good reason for it. I hope you all had a great festive season, even though I am sure it was very different to normal.

Just before New Year I didn't feel too good and just thought it was my usual Christmas 'cold' that I got every year during the Christmas break. I felt very cold initially and my heated throw from John Lewis came in very handy as I just couldn't get warm. Within four days I had got so much worse and could barely get out of bed. People asked me if I had had a covid test, but there was no chance of me going to get one. I was completely floored.

Things went from bad to worse and within another week I was in a pretty bad way. I had never been so ill before and was now in my second week, so I guessed I must have covid. Well into the second week I started to feel a bit better and have improved every day since and am now almost 100%. I was off work for two weeks, unheard of for me. I lost a stone in weight and it's gradually going back on now as I am so hungry.

I couldn't even take any remedies as I keep these in my summer house and there was no way I could make it down the garden to get anything. Had I done I would have taken arsenicum and gelsemium (a very common flu remedy).

I hope you all have a great 2021 and make the most of life as it currently is. I was reading so much about this whole situation and I don't think it was doing me any favours and it was all consuming. Now, for me, I am focussing on getting well, enjoying and appreciating all I have in my life and even though I have always said I have a simple life, I didn't really, now that I really do have a simple life.

We all deal with things differently and I am coping ok, at the moment, but am very aware of those who aren't. Be kind to each other and just because someone doesn't have the same views as you doesn't mean you have to fall out over it. Try and not get into an argument with friends as we all need to pull together and keep our vibrations high, for the universe.

Blessing to you all.

Gillian xx