One of the most widely recognised remedies in homeopathy is Arnica Montana, better known as Arnica.

This is an excellent remedy to keep in your first aid kit as it can be used for so many things. It is helpful for all wounds whether you have bleeding or bruising and it can even help to stop bleeding.

Arnica comes in tablet form and can be bought in pharmacies like Boots and health stores like Holland and Barratt. I recommend you keep some at home as there will always be a time when someone needs it.

The other form it comes in is a cream and this is useful when you have a bruise or a wound from a knock or fall. A very good one is from Nelsons. Some people like to use a cream as they feel it's therapeutic so it's an alternative to taking it in pill form.

Why not get some and message me if you need any tips on how to take it.

Have a good week.

Gillian xx