How quickly has this come around again? Luckily this year there won't be people fighting over TV's in Asda :)

The weather seems to have taken a turn and it's so cold today, but for me, that means Christmas is coming. It's not going to be the same this year but let's all try and enjoy it. I love this time of year and there is nothing nicer than staying in your pyjamas all day. I like to buy some new ones for Christmas, the cosier the better. Marks and Spencer always have a great range, as do Primark. If you prefer loungewear, then I would thoroughly recommend cashmere. It's not cheap but it's so luxurious and warm. I normally hate jumpers as they can be itchy, but cashmere isn't. Again, M&S have the best, in my opinion, as it's machine washable and great quality. I try to get a new piece in the sales each year. I once got a beautiful jumper for £23! Always feels better when it's a bargain. You can also get cashmere socks, complete luxury.

I am off to do some online Christmas shopping as there are so many bargains to be had. Try, if you can, to buy from small companies as they really need us at the moment. Some of my recommendations are below: is a beautiful new candle brand made by Maisie Penn. The website is going live on 29 November but you can see many of the range on instagram. All candles are hand poured in London and are soy wax, so vegan. I will definitely be buying some when the website goes live and will find it hard to give them away as I love all of them. So unique. bespoke jewellery made in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Really special jewellery and there is now a section where you can use handwriting or drawings to be inscribed on a jewellery item. Really unique and if you have young girls there is also a range for them, so smaller sizes. Absolutely beautiful. local company to me in Epsom. A fantastic selection of sweets of all kinds. They do hampers and also have a great selection of American candy. For us oldies there is a retro section and I know this will appeal to so many people. For chocolate lovers you can't beat a Cadburys hamper with all your favourites. Another local shop in Epsom. Beautiful gifts of all kinds, crystals, candles, oracle cards, tumble stones etc When the shop re-opens you can also book various holistic therapies and workshops. What a. lovely gift to send, a special treatment you think would be well received and needed.

These are just a few of the companies I will be supporting this Christmastime and I hope you will also try to support the small businesses that desperately need our help.

Have a great weekend and happy shopping!


Gillian xxx