Happy Friday everyone!

So, how do you feel about today's date? I can honestly say it has never been an issue for me and I have always wondered why it is for some and not for others. I wasn't even sure where the whole issue around this date came from, so I took to the internet and looked it up. Do you know why everyone says, 'oh no, Friday the 13th?' I would recommend you go and have a look at why as there is more to it that I expected. Very interesting reading.

It's the weekend again, how quickly has that come round again? What are your plans? Make sure you get outside, even if it is raining, to get some fresh air. Try not to take your phone with you and just take everything in, the smells, the colours, the birds, others out walking....then back home, back into your cosy pyjamas with some lovely candles burning.

I have a nice relaxing weekend planned because I bought a book that I have wanted to read for over 30 years, yes 30! My best friend Lyn died six years ago next month. She was amazing in so many ways and the mum I always wanted. She was beautiful, spiritual, caring, funny and truly one of a kind. She mentioned two books to me and how I should read them, but I just thought I would, at some point. Last night someone mentioned one of these books and I thought, that's it, the time is now.

I ordered the book and it arrived today. It's called 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr Brian Weiss. On the cover it says 'The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and the past-life therapy that changed both their lives. I am pleased that it isn't too long, 203 pages (and the writing isn't too small :) )

That's me off now for the weekend. Enjoy whatever you get up to.

Lots of love xoxo