Since I was a kid I have always had a full head of hair and at times felt it was too much, so would have it thinned out when I went for a cut. Then a few weeks ago it started to fall out, in handfuls. It is everywhere, in the car, on the floor, all over my clothes (hair is silver and I always wear black) ....and it was getting me down.

I went online, like you do, and researched it. I bought shampoo, tonic, vitamins, remedies galore, you name it, I was buying it as I was so distressed by what was coming out daily. I am at menopausal age but I didn't feel it was that. Off I toddled to get my hair cut after lockdown and as soon as I sat in the chair I burst into tears. An alarm bell should have rung at this stage, but it didn't. I had my hair cut back to it's usual style, no thinning out and went on my way.

On the way home the light went on. BOOK YOUR HOMEOPATH NOW! I stopped my car and was very lucky to get an appointment on the same day. Why didn't I think of it? People ask me why I don't treat myself. Well, you don't see yourself as others do always and it's very good to see a homeopath every so often when in practice yourself.

So there was a big lesson here for me. Why didn't I think of that first as I know more than anyone how what is happening physically is most likely due to an emotion you are going through? I got my prescription and headed home. The remedy I was given wasn't one that came to mind so it was well worth it.

Sometimes you have to step back and think "what would I say to my friend if they were in the same position?"

Have a great week everyone!

Gillian xx