Hi everyone

Have you put your decorations up yet? I have and it's really put me in the festive spirit.

Usually I would have been on a couple of work do's and be feeling more festive, but this year hasn't been the same, has it? Or has it? I am trying to get into my usual festive mood but it is definitely different this year. I would normally have hit the shops and bought all my stocking filler gifts, but it doesn't feel the same. I have ordered most gifts online this year as I didn't want to leave it to see if the lockdown was lifted and then it being a mad rush. I learned a big lesson a few years ago when I was very last minute. I took ill when I would normally be out shopping and I struggled to get out and buy everything. Never again I said.

I have almost done all of my shopping so I need to start wrapping as there is stuff everywhere. I need to go in the loft as I usually have loads of paper left over from previous years. I think I will need to wrap everything and put it back in the loft or my sitting room will be the opposite, with no room to sit!

Do you have any tips for wrapping the presents that are a funny shape? I used to struggle but with YouTube now you can get some great ideas.

Off to start my wrapping. Have a great weekend everyone.