Hi everyone and Happy Sunday!

As I sit here there is a light dusting of snow on the grass. It's amazing how snow has an affect on all of us, good and bad.

I love it, most of the time. When you open the curtains and it has snowed overnight everything looks so clean and pretty. If I am not working I can't wait to get outside and walk in the peacefulness of everything as most people won't take their cars out as it can be a bit hairy. The noise of your shoes as they crunch through the snow, leaving footprints as you go. There is always the temptation to scoop snow from car bonnets to make the perfect snowball. There is still the child in me. I live near a big open space where children are making the biggest snowmen and some are very artistic.

I hope you are all enjoying your day and whether it is out in the elements or at home snuggled up ready for a roast dinner, Sundays are best.

Have a great Sunday and an even better week ahead.

Stay warm.

Gillian xx