More and more people are using hand sanitiser and when you read the back of the packaging there are some pretty nasty chemicals in there so I decided to make my own. I only use this occasionally but it's so much nicer (and less sticky) than those you can buy.

You will need:

1. Glass bottle with spray attachment - you can even re-use old cosmetic bottles if you clean them out properly. I got mine on as I am keen to help smaller businesses at this time.

2. Distilled water, or any water is fine. My tap water has a smell that I don't like so I prefer to use distilled water. Again, I bought this one

3. Tea tree oil -

4. Orange essential oil -

5. Lemon essential oil -

6. A small funnel - I already own one of these

7. Scissors

8. Label (if you plan on sharing with your friends, so you can label it up)

To make the hand sanitiser, pour your distilled water into the bottle first. I always do this first because if you put the oils in first and over fill it, you will lose some of the oil. Add around three drops of each of the oils I have listed above. You can use any oil that you like the smell of. The tea tree is essential as this has antibacterial properties. Once all of your ingredients have been added, snip the end from the spray attachment so that it fits inside your bottle. Screw the lid on tightly and label if required. Give it a shake and it's ready to use. You will notice how soft your hands feel after using this.

This can make a lovely gift for someone as there is nothing better than something that someone has made themselves.


Gillian x