As I sit here the sun is shining and what a difference it makes to my mood. How does it affect you?

I have been out on my new e bike (everybody needs some help getting up a big hill). As I've got older I need a little push as my knees aren't as good as they once were. I cycled eight miles and it's so uplifting being outside in the fresh air. I cycled through one of the local parks and there were crocuses everywhere and it sure feels like spring is in the air.

It's been so difficult for us all this past year and if you can do anything to lift your mood, go outside. Even the toughest of us are struggling and we all need to be aware of that. I am better if I don't go on social media and don't watch the news. It's the same old story and does nothing but depress me. I miss the simplest of things in my life and hope they will come back in time, although many people think differently and that's a worry.

As I say, do all you can to make yourself happy and nature is mine. I have just cleaned all of my bird feeders and put fresh seed in them because I could hear beautiful bird song this morning when I opened my window.

I am starting to use my oracle cards again and they really help. Today's card is "Let go of fear, now" and I think this would apply to many of us. Always remember the opposite of fear is LOVE.

Sending love to you all.

Gillian xx